Ramblings – 25/03/2019

Recent I’ve been spending a lot of time in online lefty spaces that I used to frequent and it’s been, in all honesty, pretty jarring. I haven’t frequently used Discord (the main platform that these spaces are on) since August 2018 and it really feels like Groundhog Day in these spaces. The same discussions come […]

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Chaos Ecology: Part 2

Technology as Feminine Cyberspace is female. To reference a continually more controversial figure, Nyx writes in her Gender Accelerationism Black Paper of the cooption of digital technology by men when the realisation that computation was more than just simple typist work was discovered thus the initial most important discoveries in Computer Science were made by […]

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Chaos Ecology – Part 1:

The Western Man always seem to miss the mark with their worldview. Whether that be in His sense of omnipotence or in His failure to anticipate the destruction of the Systemâ„¢, this Man is continually short-sighted in His efforts. In Firestone’s essay ‘The Two Modes of Cultural History’, she discovers a new dialectic unseen by […]

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Current Standing

Hey, this post is entirely filler but I’m bored so I’m going to post it anyway. In essence, this short post will cover my current standing and part of (?) my ideological progression to this point. Firstly, I’m a run-of-the-mill Unconditional Accelerationist (U/Acc); I like to go fast and I have a patchwork fetish. In […]

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With getting good exam results to boost my confidence and xenogothic’s encouraging tweet about improving my writing with blogging, I’ve decided to try to get into the blogosphere. Prepare yourself for the pains of underdeveloped ideas and horrible grammar that comes with my output. Anyway, I hope you all stick around.

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